Saturday, 10 May 2014

Love This Country (Indonesia)

Yesterday I visited the disposal in the city of Manado. I see a big mountain but it's not a mountain that as we see the color green, but a mountain of trash. Right? it is a pile of garbage that comes from the whole community Manado city. Other than the sense of sight seeing piles of garbage other senses are also working sense of smell is not unpleasant smell in the place * hahaha

 well, my goal is to come there to see how the garbage to waste treatment.
I think its garbage processing is quite good but different from the liquid waste processing. The sewage treatment not meet the standards set. Waste water treatment that should have been clear after the deposition process, but the water is still black. which means it can't be discharged into the sea or eventual disposal because many contain dangerous substances. And local governments should have to Follow up on this. but no one cares about it. what about me, I can't do anything about it :(

Any suggestions for the government to keep attention to this beloved country in terms of the environment, education, human resources and others. don't usually corruption continues. we have too much debt would be paid what if the money for personal?


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