Friday, 5 September 2014


Dreams and hope, two things are necessarily possessed by every person on Earth, certainly so well with me. Dreams and hopes it also must be achieved at somehow and any difficult obstacles everyone will be trying to achieve. But there is also a surrender to not achieve their dreams and hopes for a reason or another. Speaking of dreams, I had a lot of dreams that I have to achieve and what I want to achieve the expectations of all. Intention, effort and hard work and prayer is needed to reach it was my doing, everything I submit again to GOD Almighty who had arranged everything. But I know if we seriously then GOD will easier everything we want to achieve.
but how if someone else were to plan my future without my asking? What should I do? What I have to give up so easily? What I have to throw away all the dreams and hopes that have long been planted in me myself? 
 NO. Of course the answer is not, no that easy give away to waste of what we have planted from the beginning and let it go. I will defend it in any way and anyhow. I'm not a robot or puppet to be controlled by someone else, No one can stop me.
I just wanna say thank you for your attention to me and it's a form of your affection towards me and I also apologize for the way that you choose for me is not according to the way of thinking and my heart. I'm so sorry I have to disappoint you. 
Thanks also to my mom and dad. Your Support is very enough to help me to continue forward to reach it.
Remember, That determine the fate, the future and how we'll forward is ourselves  not others


  1. look at your pants makes me add my bucketlist: that pants! i have to have that blue pants!
    sporty and lovely look of you! ♥

  2. bagus cian fotonya hahahhahaha siapa dulu yang foto ;p




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